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TGI-Spacer M. The TGI-Spacer M is a bendable warm edge spacer bar. It was designed to meet the numerous requirements which apply to the modern glass edge bond. It is available in a range of variants such as with wire and without wire, specially matched to their individual intended use Kaučuk, gutaperča, guma, azbest, slída a výrobky z těchto materiálů, které nejsou zahrnuty do jiných třídy, zejména profily, pásky, tyče, trubky, ohebné trubky z plastické hmoty a/nebo spojovaného materiálu, zejména takové pro těsnicí a/nebo izolační a/nebo oddělovací účely; Výrobky z plastické hmoty (polotovary), zejména profily, pásky, tyče, trubky, ohebné.

TGI-Spacer M can also help increase the sightline temperature of the indoor surface of glass which can lead to improved comfort by preventing drafts and radiated heat along the cold glass surface. Enhanced Aesthetics TGI-Spacer M's optimized profile geometry, smooth matte finish, and variety of colors blend with any window frame to give designers freedom to achieve their vision TGI-Spacer bending test Precision 16 mm 3 point Inlet pressure 3 bar ≥ 1.5 bar - 2.5 bar Manometer 1279-6 Annex-G Specification Test method 0.31 % Test at ift Rosenheim according to EN 1279-6 Annex G No significant color change after 3000 h EN ISO 4892-2 CSTB certified (French DTA Cross-section TGI Spacer M 6.85 Stainless steel Plastic 0.09 0.6/0.8 Representative glass constructions Metal with thermal break Plastic Wood Wood/Metal Representative frame profile Representative psi value double- sheet thermally insulating glass W/mK 0.049 0.040 0.040 0.044 Representative psi value triple- sheet thermally insulating glass W/m Velmi zajímavá prezentace společnosti ROVER o TGI teplém rámečku. Všem, kdo se títmo tématem zabývají doporučujeme prohlédnout Tworzywo sztuczne charakteryzuje się bardzo niskim współczynnikiem przewodzenia ciepła, co pozwala redukować straty ciepła na brzegach szyby zespolonej, zaś stal szlachetna wzmacnia ramkę dystansową i podnosi szczelność szyby zespolonej. Ramki dystansowe TGI ® -Spacer redukują straty ciepła na krawędziach szyb zespolonych. i poprawiają wartość.

Thermal spacers work by separating the panes of glass in double or triple glazing. By sealing off the air cavity they help to prevent heat loss and improve thermal performance via warm edge technology - meaning that the energy losses between the inside and outside of the window remain low Trademark : TGI - Spacer Class : 19 Class : 19 . Trademark Applicant : Technoform Caprano + Brunnhofer Gmbh Application Date : 2011-08-05 Status : Registered Goods and Services Description : Building materials (non-metallic); non-metallic rigid pipes for building.. Thermix ® -The warm edge makes the difference. Thermal separation with Warm Edge spacers: Optimum indoor climate, high living comfort, lower heating costs, buildings made to last. Improving the quality of the building and lowering the energy consumption in the process are the aims behind the Thermix® Warm Edge spacer

Protože tepelné ztráty okrajů skla negativně ovlivňují celkovou hodnotu součinitele prostupu tepla celého okna, byly postupně zaváděny do výroby materiály distančních rámů s výrazně nižší hodnotou součinitele tepelné vodivosti než měl do té doby majoritní hliník. Pro distanční rámy z těchto. TGI ®-Spacer The TGI is a warm edge spacer bar that offers the ultimate combination of good thermal performance, high productivity and value for money. Manufactured using a high performance synergy of steel and polypropylene, the TGI allows allows only a very low heat transfer while offering the highes

Twinsburg, Ohio (June 2017) - New from Technoform Glass Insulation (), TGI®-Spacer M with Wire to improve the overall thermal and structural performance, reduce the risk of condensation, and enhance the appearance of window systems for commercial, industrial and residential building applications.Supporting glazing manufacturers' productivity and reliability goals, the optimized profile. TGI-Spacer M also can increase the condensation resistance rating by 17 percent and improve the sightline temperature up to 12 degrees Fahrenheit. TGI-Spacer M provides the ultimate combination of thermal performance, durability and aesthetics to help designers and fabricators achieve the look and energy performance needs of their projects, emphasized Stephens

Warm edge spacers and components for improved thermal

  1. Warm edge window spacer improves thermal & structural performance. The TGI®-Spacer M with Wire from Technoform Glass Insulation is a warm edge window spacer bar that helps improve overall thermal and structural performance, reduce the risk of condensation, and enhance the appearance of window systems.A spacer is a component that separates and seals the panes of glass within a double or triple.
  2. TGI-Spacer M a Chromatech Ultra F. 0,94 W/(m2.K) 0,5 W/(m2.K) Super Spacer TriSeal: hodnota Ud dveří.
  3. bude mit skladbu 4-16-4- Planibel Top N+, plněno Argonem, černý plastový distanční rámeček TGI - Spacer. Hodnota celkového součinitele prostupu tepla oknem je Uw = 1,1 W/m2K. Okna jsou osazena vysoce kvalitním celoobvodovým kováním Siegenia-Aubi FAVORIT (německý výrobce Siegenia-Aubi KG). Barevné provedení -bílá

TGI-Spacer - ochranná známka, majitel Technoform Caprano

The TGI-Spacer Precesion is a glass fibre reinforced plastic spacer. The diffusion barrier is made from a metallised multi-layer polyester film. Spacer height: 6.50mm Thermal conductivity: 0.14W/(mK) (WA 17/1, ift Rosenheim) Available spacer widths: 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24m TGI-Spacer M is available in widths ranging from 1/4 up to 1 and a height of 6.85 mm. Please note additional custom colors and sizes are available through our customized solutions on demand program. TGI-Spacer M with wire Enhanced rigidity for larger IGUs Width Height TGI-Spacer M More fl exibility for radius shapes and bent IGUs Width Heigh Technoform Glass Insulation developed a customized, warm edge TGI®-Spacer system for ScreenLine® integrated blind systems by Intigral.The ScreenLine blind moves within a completely sealed environment, protected from dust, dirt and weather conditions, without affecting the hermetic properties of the insulating glass unit (IGU) TGI-Spacer M Stainlesssteel 0.09 6.85 Plastic 0.6/0.8 'WARM EDGE' WORKING PARTY Technoform Glass Insulation GmbH Matthäus-Merian-Str. 6 D - 34253 Lohfelden T w o B o x m o d el C h a r a c t e r i s t i c v a l u es R e p r e s e n t a t i v e f r a m e p r o f i l e Metal with thermal break S pac eb tw ni m Plastic Wood Wood / Metal. Unlike the standard spacers, the thermal spacer of TGI glazed units is made of heat-insulating plastic. The spacer is made of flexible plastic that is also reinforced with steel. TGI spacer efficiently reduces heat loss and the overall heat transfer rate U by 0.10 W/(m2*K) - 0.15 W/(m2*K). TGI spacer also ensures that glass temperature at the edges of the units on the internal side is higher.

TGI-SPACER M by Technoform Glass Insulation GmbH Archell

The automatic spacer bender machine WHS is suitable to bend aluminium and Warm Edge bars: Chromatech Ultra, TGI Spacer M, Thermix TX.N Plus, Thermobar, Multitech, Swisspacer Advance, Swisspacer Ultimate.. It is possible to create square and rectangular, straight shapes like trapezium, triangle, pentagon and optionally are available curves and arcs shapes Spacer Bars & Accessories. We supply the largest volume and range of spacer bars to the UK market including our own manufactured highest performance Thermobar and Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacers, a wide range of Aluminium Spacer Bars and also Steel Spacer Bars The TGI-Spacer M was designed to meet the numerous requirements which apply to the modern glass edge seal. It is available in a range of variants specially matched to their individual intended use. While some of the details of the designs may differ from each other, they all provide low Psi values, high productivity, high process reliability.

TGI-Spacer's hybrid technology combines the excellent seal durability and structural performance of a stainless steel box spacer with the thermal performance of a non-metallic spacer. Introducing the reinforcing steel wire provides improved processing efficiencies and bent frame integrity without negatively impacting thermal performance. TGI®-Spacer M senza i cavi TGI®-Spacer M con i cavi TGI®-Spacer 8 mm TGI®-Spacer 10 mm TGI®-Spacer TGI12 mm TGI®-Spacer 14 mm TGI®-Spacer 15 mm TGI®-Spacer 16 mm TGI®-Spacer 18 mm TGI®-Spacer 20 mm TGI®-Spacer 22 mm TGI®-Spacer ®24 mm 9,5 mm 11,5 mm 13,5 mm 14,5 mm 15,5 mm 17,5 mm 19,5 mm 21,5 mm 23,5 mm 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm 7.

TGI-Spacer M also can increase the condensation resistance rating by 17 percent and improve the sightline temperature up to 12 degrees Fahrenheit. Beyond energy-efficiency, TGI-Spacer systems also can contribute to building teams' wellness and sustainable project goals, such as the daylighting and material health ingredient criteria detailed in. SuperSpacer is a non-metal, pre-desiccated, structural foam spacer system which provides excellent perimeter insulation for sealed glazing units, whilst significantly simplifying insulating glass production How do Warm Edge Spacer Bars Compare to Aluminium Spacers? The material that is used to manufacture the insulating glass unit spacer plays an important role in determining how much heat and cold is able to pass through the glass panes and therefore is a major factor in the energy efficiency of an insulating glass unit The 20 and 22-mm warm edge spacer bar, co-designed with Technoform, allows a further increase in the benefits of ScreenLine® systems in terms of energy savings, whilst ensuring a perfect hermetic seal

TGI-Spacer Precision - rely on perfection. Due to our innovative production process, Technoform can consistently guarantee the high quality of the edge bond. Our developments in thermal performance fit in perfectly with the trend towards nearly zero-energy houses AGC GLASS EUROPE - Tel. +32 2 409 30 00 - Fax +32 2 672 44 62 - sales.beluxeu.agc.com - www.agc-yourglass.com 03/18 VU: D. Janssens www.eeuwenaert.be Erkend verdeler HOOG ISOLATIEVERMOGEN-Traditioneel wordt de omtrek van een beglazing hermetisch afgesloten met een metalen afstandhouder en een dubbele voeg. De aanwezigheid van de ster 2.K (TGI Spacer M, Chromatech Ultra F) Sou činitel prostupu tepla oknem Uw 0,62 se zasklením 8-16-6 U g = 1,1 W/m 2.K 0,61 se zasklením 8-16-8 U g = 1,1 W/m 2.K 0,57 se zasklením 4-16-4 U g = 1,0 W/m 2.K 0,50 se zasklením 8-16-6-16-8 Ug = 0,6 W/m 2.K 0,53 se zasklením. TGI - Spacer EN 12664 0,040 0,040 0,044 0,049 THERMIX TX.N Plus EN 12664 0,041 0,041 0,045 0,050 TGI - Spacer M EN 12664 0,040 0,040 0,044 0,049 CHROMATEC ultra F EN 12664 0,039 0,039 0,043 0,048 TPS (Kodispace) EN 12664 0,036 0,036 0,038 0,043 NIROTEC EVO EN 12664 0,038 0,038 0,042 0,04

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Ramki dystansowe TGI®-Spacer - Pilkingto

2 of 15 butylating, drilling for the introduction of desiccants and gas). Examples: Chromatech Ultra, Swisspacer, Thermix TXN, TGI 301 Moved Permanently. ngin Jun 23, 2017 - The TGI-Spacer M with Wire is a warm edge window spacer bar that helps improve a window system's overall thermal and structural performance Warm edge components help to make construction greener and more sustainable. Our thermally optimized spacers and durable edge bond solutions reduce heat loss to meet the building challenges of tomorrow Ve standardním provedení jsou to kompozitní rámečky TGI Spacer nebo Swisspacer podle použitého typu a dodavatele profilu okna. U oken a dveří Aluplast, Salamander a EkoSun nabízíme již v základním provedení TOP kompozitní rámeček SWISSPACER ULTIMATE

Coniston is a leading full-service wholesale supplier of glass products, spacer bar, screen bar and related components. With office and warehouse facilities in British Columbia, as well as the Texas, USA, coniston services the North American market 2.4 The TGI ® Spacer 3. Potential growth and changing requirements in the market 3.1 Warm edge as a standard 3.2 Influence on the stainless steel (spacer) market 3.3 Future prospects and new development What marketing strategies does Tgi-spacer use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Tgi-spacer a s rámetkem TGI-Spacer M / Chromatech Ultra F / Swisspacer Ultimate UD = / [1,2 W/(m2.K) - se skiem a s rámedkem TGI-Spacer M / Chromatech Ultra F / Swisspacer Ultimat

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Systém je vhodný pro ty zákazníky, kteří mají rádi individuální náročné prostředí k bydlení. Vedle šestikomorového uspořádání a stavební hloubky 74 mm má profil GEALAN S8000 IQ ocelovou výztuž, která zaručuje bezvadnou funkčnost okna po dlouhá léta a velmi dobrou stabilitu. Vícekomorové okenní profily mají promyšlenou konstrukci The TGI®-Spacer is a bendable warm edge spacer bar that offers the ultimate combination of good thermal performance, high productivity and value for money. Manufactured using a high performance synergy of stainless steel and polypropylene, the TGI®-Spacer allows only a very low heat transfer while offering the highest levels of resistance. TGI-Spacer M is a hybrid warm-edge insulating glass spacer consisting of stainless steel and a low-conductivity thermoplastic. It can be used in commercial, residential and architectural glazing systems. TGI-Spacer M measures 6.85 millimeters tall, with width sizes ranging from ¼ inch to 1 inch TGI-Spacer. Products, Windows/Doors August 4, 2017. Spacer System Supports Energy Efficiency of Insulating Glass Unit . Technoform Glass Insulation developed a warm edge TGI-Spacer system for ScreenLine integrated blind systems by Intigral. The ScreenLine blind moves within a sealed environment, protecte

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TGI®-Spacer M provides world-class thermal performance with exceptional durability. More thermally effi cient Independent certifi ed simulators prove TGI-Spacer M delivers superior sightline temperatures and condensation resistance compared to stainless steel box spacers and can provide whole unit U-factor reductions of between 0.02 and 0.03. TGI-Spacer is constructed using a polymer-coated stainless steel that is less conductive than aluminum. This results in reduced interior condensation and heat loss, and warmer glass temperatures for better insulating performance. Energy flow will go through the path of least resistance, said McMahon. So if you have a good low-e and thermal. TGI®-Spacer Intercalaire en aluminium TGI®- Spacer Intercalaire en aluminium TGI®-Spacer Intercalaire en aluminium TGI®- Spacer ψ-Valeur 0,086 W/mK 0,040 W/mK 0,075 W/mK 0,039 W/mK 0,111 W/mK 0,046 W/mK 0,097 W/mK 0,043 W/mK U w Fenêtre 1,10 W/m 2K 0,98 W/m 2K 1,04 W/m K 0,95 W/m K 1,25 W/m2K 1,09 W/m 2K 1,15 W/m K 1,02 W/m K Facteur de. TGI-Spacer was used in the structural silicone glazed units, as well as the spandrel glass application. TGI-Spacer was also installed in Seattle's Bullitt Centre, named The World's Greenest Commercial Building by World Architectural News. Technoform Glass Insulation's TGI-Spacer is a hybrid warm edge rigid spacer bar All our Double Glazed Units have a Warm Edge Spacer Bar on each side of the unit, which significantly improve thermal retention, resulting in lower heating bills & C02 emissions. Request a free quote today

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  1. The M is the latest generation of TGI®-Spacer: the product of the innovative further development for the Warm Edge. By producing the M, TGI has met the multiple requirements that apply to modern spacer systems. The special features of the new generation TGI®-Spacer include optimised profile geometry, a design suitable fo
  2. TGI®-Spacer M with Wire is your newest solution from Technoform Glass Insulation. It is a cold bendable hybrid warm edge spacer bar comprised of low conductivity stainless steel, spring steel wire, and an engineered thermoplastic
  3. Izolační dvojskla a trojskla s meziskelním rámečkem TGI Spacer dodávají firmy PILKINGTON a PRESGLASS atd. Možnost výběru meziskelních rámečků a těsnění v barvě profilu. Regulace výklopky, kvalitní vyztužená klika, tvrzená oboustranně pozinkovaná výstuha až do 3mm patří k našemu standardnímu vybavení
  4. TGI Spacer 4mm Low-e 1,1 + 12mm Argon + 4mm float + 12mm Argon + 4mm Low-e 1,1 plná výplň 40mm HPL 2 + DOW styrofoam 36 + HPL 2 plná výplň 40mm ABS 2 + DOW styrofoam 36 + ABS 2 (bílá) dveřní výplň 39mm AZURIT ABS 2 + XPS 35 + ABS 2 (bílá) dveřní výplň 39mm BERIL ABS 2 + XPS 35 + ABS 2 (bílá

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Milestones in the development of the insulating glass edge bond. In 1865 Thomas D. Stetson, an American, filed a patent for double glazing.Dehydrated air was used for the insulation between the glass panes, which were glued together Window M SORA Natura Optimo XLT represents an upgrade of the window M SORA Natura Optimo XL and is made of thermally modified spruce instead of the normal spruce whereas the TGI spacer is replaced by Super Spacer®. Thermal transmittance of window (U w) using glazing with U g value of 0.5 W/m 2 K is 0.66 W/m 2 K 2 TECHNOFORM GLASSINSULATION TECHNOFORM GLASSINSULATION 3 Technoform connects people with ideas into a global network of efficient and autonomous teams striving to find the best market-oriented solutions for their customers Moved Permanently. The document has moved here

5 1 1,10 2,20 8011 / 8705 8076 / 8736 7483 70 1,5 TGI Spacer W 0,9 0,001 2,42 1,01 1,41 5,29 1,2 1,165 1,2 1,218 Für die Uw-Wert Berechnung wird keine Gewähr übernommen. Die Erstellung der Berechnung erfolgt unentgeltlich. Es gilt § 675 II BGB External pane toughened with easy maintenace layer, warm TGI spacer, inner pane consists of two 3mm thick sheets of glass with 0.38mm layer of PVB plastic membrane between them. The glazing cavity is filled with inert gas argon. The laminated unit is positioned from the room side of the glazing and is coated with low emision layer Ud = 1,1 W/m2.K so zasklením Ug = 0,7 W/m2.K (TGI Spacer M, Chromatech Ultra F) Ud = 1,0 W/m2.K so zasklením Ug = 0,7 W/m2.K (SWISSPACER Ultimate) Sú činite ľ prechodu tepla U d Hliníkové zdvižne-posuvné dver TGI SPACER M. Katalozi. TGI BROSURA PROIZVODA CROSRB TGI BROSURA PROIZVODOV EN Kontakt. KO-glas d.o.o. Kolodvorska c. 37c. 2310 Slov. Bistrica. Slovenija +386 (0)2 80 50 170 (tel) +386 (0)2 80 50 176 (fax) info@koglas.si . Prodajni program; Reference; Katalogi; Kontakt

Technoform Glass Insulation introduces TGI-Spacer M with

Super Spacer® Premium Enhanced delivers outstanding performance with high-quality silicone material and desiccant, all while featuring a narrow sightline—a preferred choice among designers and architects for beautiful aesthetics Ud = 1,5 W/m 2.K se zaskelním Ug = 1,0 W/m 2.K (TGI Spacer M, Chromatech Ultra F) 0,79 se zasklením 8-16-8 U g = 1,1 W/m 2.K 0,77 se zasklením 4-16-4 U g = 1,0 W/m 2.K 0,71 se zasklením 8-16-6-16-8 Ug = 0,6 W/m 2.K Vlastnost Solární faktor Sv ětelný činitel prostupu 0,82.

Technoform Glass Insulation highlights TGI-Spacer M at AIA

  1. um filled with desiccant to absorb any residual moisture inside the IGU, thus reducing potential condensation
  2. Chromatech Ultra Warm Edge Spacer Bar Warm edge spacer bar with an APB Polymer barrier on a stainless steel back - an excellent combination
  3. Např. TGI Spacer (Technoform), Chromatech Plus/Ultra (Rolltech), Odpověď: Ano, jiný typ distančního rámečku lze použít. Dotazč. 3: Žádáme Vás o upřesnění typu jednotlivých stávajících oken pro správné ocenění zednických prací (špaletová -začištění do rovna, do šikma nebo zdvojená). Odpověď
  4. Okna firmy VEKA nepoužívají na klíčové části profilů recyklované materiály a tak jsou zaručeny vynikající mechanické vlastnosti oken a dveří, čímž dosahují dlouhé životnosti! V současnosti se jedná o nejprogresivnější profil na trhu, spojující maximální pevnost a tepelnou úsporu s ekonomickou výhodností, rychlou návratností investice
  5. Uw = 0,78 W/(m .K) - okna se sklem a s rámeëkem TGI Spacer (plocha 2,3 m2) tFída 4 — jednokiídlové typy Oken a balkónových dveFí tFída 3 — dvou a tFíkFídlové typy Oken a balkónových dveFí Osvédëení je vystaveno na základé Protokolu o zkouškách E. AZL-006-12 vydaného cine 01.03.2012 AZ
  6. New from Technoform Glass Insulation (TGI), TGI®-Spacer M with Wire to improve the overall thermal and structural performance, reduce the risk of condensation, and enhance the appearance of window systems for commercial, industrial and residential building applications. Supporting glazing manufacturers' productivity and reliability goals, the optimized profile geometry and increased.
  7. A new feature of HTflux allows you to easily create and calculate insulated glazing units (IGUs). The new tool offers a lot of features: freely choose the thickness and position of each gas or glass layer

Three-layer insulating glass with a TGI spacer and an excellent thermal conductivity ratio of Ug = 0.5 W/m2K. Each glass layer is as much as 6mm thick! Door construction. The exceptionally sturdy construction of the doors, as the result of our own development, ensures exceptional stability. Regardless of the weather and temperature fluctuations. CERA GmbH. Gewerbepark-Fürgen 14 D-87674 Ruderatshofen. Tel: +49 8342 9694-0 Fax: +49 8342 9694-33 info@cera-gmbh.co

Warm edge spacer bars TGI®-Spacer

Warm edge window spacer improves thermal & structural

  1. Vchodové dveře Ideal 4000 AZ OKNA a
  2. SWISSPACER Warm Edge, energy efficient windows, thermal
  3. Salamander Streamline Václav Hozman Stavb

TGI-SPACER M da Technoform Glass Insulation GmbH Archell

  1. TGI Spacer Bar Brochure - Technoform - Astraseal Download
  2. Heather West Public Relations :: TGI-Spacer system for
  3. Heat retention by means of thermal spacer TGI for glazed
Technoform Glass Insulation - Verdict DesignbuildChicago’s ‘Toblerone’ tower will be tallest in the worldTgi-spacer Precision - Intercalaire Warm Edge - TechnoformCE Center - Fenestration: Solving Renovation IssuesDer TGI-Precision ist da | GLASWELTHarp racks for sorting glass units
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